Sleepless Nights & Christmas Lights

by AV Marchese

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Submission for the 2016 National Solo Album Month competition at Recorded over the month of November using a ukulele, a twenty dollar acoustic guitar, and some synth instruments. Made while I was out in LA working as an intern.


released November 27, 2016

Recorded in November 2016 at Emerson College Los Angeles in Hollywood, California. Drums on "She Was Dancing in the Basement" performed by Nick B. Vocals for tracks 2 & 3 were recorded in my dorm room, hence the hushed tone.



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AV Marchese Red Bank, New Jersey

Sometimes I feel like a Wiggin sister.

Last survivor of WARCo.

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Track Name: Troubled Times
Oh, I have been floating down
Through these troubled times
Every time I think about the way you left I die
I have been floating down
Through these troubled times
I feel her embrace
And she can contemplate

What's left unsaid
When the ones we love are gone
We lift our cloudy eyes up to the sun
I use to dream
Of nothing but the stars
And now I only hope that's where you are

So can you save yourself?
How can you save yourself?
Track Name: Rose Mountain
Please carry me
Up Rose Mountain
I'm not who I could be
On Rose Mountain

I see technicolor in my dreams
At least it's the sign I can see
Out my window
I could leave it all behind in a heartbeat
Up on Rose Mountain

What have I learned?
I could never go far
Without being hurt
What have I learned?
That I feel great
When I'm in place
On Rose Mountain

Terror on the horizon
Tumbleweed between my feet
I'm not who I see in the mirror
Up on Rose Mountain

Carry on, carry on
Take the wagon, off with me
My dream is solidified
Right across the street
On Rose Mountain
Track Name: Night Dive
I'm driving past your house
While you were sneaking out
It's night
It's time to go for a drive
I don't know what's around
I don't really go out
But hey
It's time I gave it a try

We're going to the bars
It's where the cool kids are
This place looks like a dive
I'll think of a good lie
It's not the place for me
I want to go and flee
Tonight and all of eternity

It's getting kind of late
You say that 'there's no way we're done
You've only written all of verse one'
I'll tell you these are scratch
The story's in the trash
But hey
Gotta make it to the thirty minute dash

I find it pretty hard
To follow with a song
A lot has happened
When everything is said and done
We're sitting in the car
Haven't said a word so far
It's been at least thirty seconds

This song is sounding shit
I'm getting sick of it
And now I feel like I'm drowning
And yea, is it quite absurd?
I'm writing out this third fucking verse
And no one will ever hear this song
Track Name: She Was Dancing in the Basement
She was dancing
In the basement
With the lights off
Music loud
Took her Xanax
With milk and brandy
Heading forward
To the ground

And she's never gonna get it together

In her high school
She was famous
Those were her best years
And now they're far away
But she'll keep dancing
With the strobe light
Bouncing off the walls
And side to side
Track Name: I Think I'm Good For A While
I think I'm good for a while now
I just saw something I don't want to know
I think I'm good for a while now
I just want to go to sleep

I think somebody made me smile now
I call too much to make a smile now
I turn key into a smile now
I think I'm good for a while now

The TV plays a silent sound
A background noise without a word
A background hum to meld the silence
Between these guitar squeaks

The sky is sinking through the ceiling walls
Back to the bucket where the rain gets stored
Where the rain gets poured
Track Name: Judgement
You kept staring at my blood vessels
And I know they freak you out
That's only at the surface
There's a lock without a key I hold
Deep under the ground
Inside my soul
The doctor doesn't know if it exists
But it's there
There's a nightmare I envision
Where you find out who I am
That goes for if you're listening
And yes, I know you're there

Have I lost myself
To myself
Trapped in a web
Of burning self doubt
Is this what it's like
To be missing out
Afraid of the judgement
Track Name: Goodbye Summer
Goodbye summer
You know I know you well
It's my turn to steer the ship
And graduate outside your latchkey
You know I'll say farewell
And look back at all the good times
Between each and every school year

You know I'm not the one
To follow through with anyone
Or anything
Keeping us away

Goodbye summer
I left you hand in hand
It's my turn to steer the ship
And graduate outside your latchkey
You know I'll say farewell
And look back at each and every time
I think about before

I'll follow your ghost
Every time I visit the coast
No one will treasure you most
But I don't know
I don't know
About this year